Frequently asked questions

  1. Who can do it?
    Anyone over the age of 12. No matter what your skill level you can learn how to fly an F-35. You will learn the basics of flying using a HOTAS (Hands on Throttle and Stick). Your flight instructor for the day will be working right beside you, teaching you how to maneuver. People of all ages and skill level have enjoyed flying in the simulator.
  2. What are VR glasses?
    A virtual reality (or VR) headset is a device that you wear over your eyes like a pair of goggles. It has high-definition screens in front of your eyes, as you move your head the view moves with you. For example if you turn to look out the cockpit your view will seamlessly move as if you were looking out in real life.
  3. Are customized missions available?
    Customized missions can be arranged with the staff. Contact the staff before booking your flight to discuss options.
  4. Will I get Motion Sickness?
    In our experience customers do not get motion sickness. The simulator does not move that is usually the cause of motion sickness. The Virtual Reality Glasses immerse you into the experience without the Vertigo.
  5. Can I purchase this as a gift?
    Yes we have gift cards available. We offer a observation area for you to enjoy watching your friends and family fly.
If you have questions that we did not answer in this section please contact us and we will be happy to answer them for you.